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Li Li


作者:  来源:  发布日期:2021-01-26

Li Li, Ph.D in EconomicsProfessor of Institute of International Economy, Research fellow of Academy of China Open Economy Studies(ACOES), Research fellow of Beijing Open Economy research institute(BOERI), University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

Ø Director of China Research Center for Technical Barriers to Trade (CCTBT), UIBE

Ø Registered expert of ISO Social Responsibility Working Group for ISO26000

Ø Member of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Sustainability Advisory Committee

Ø Expert of WTO/TBT Notification Review (China WTO/TBT National Notification & Enquiry Center)

Ø Expert of Chinas special working group on ISO social responsibility issues

Ø Expert of CSR Think tank of China Federation of Industrial Economics, Deputy Director of Professional Committee of Overseas Social Responsibility

Ø Expert of Think-Tank of China Corporate Social Responsibility(TTCCSR)and member of academic committee of TTCCSR

Ø Member of Expert Committee for Sustainable Natural Rubber

Ø Senior Expert of Committee for Social Responsibility of China Association of Communications EnterprisesCSR CACE

Ø Expert of Think-Tank for sustainable development and CSR of China electronic information industry

Ø Member of Expert Committee for corporate social responsibility of Golden Bee

Ø Tutor of Syntao Academy

Ø Expert of Rongzhi School of Beijing Rongzhi Institute of corporate social responsibility

Research fields:

Technical Barriers to Trade;

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development;

Trade and environment, Low carbon economy

Finished More than 30 research projects which are from Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environmental Protection, etc..

Participated the drafting of ISO260000 and the translation of ISO26000 into Chinese.

Participated the drafting of ISO 20121 and ISO Guide 82.

Participated the drafting of CSR related standards or guidelines in several industries in China, including mineral, textile, rubber, information and technology, communication industry, etc.


Educational Background

2006.9~2012.6 PHD in international trade, University of International Business and Economics

2000.9~2003.7 Master in international trade, University of international Business and Economics

1996.9~2000.7 Bachelor in International trade and economy, Shandong University

Working Experience

Since July 2003, working in institute of international economy, University of International Business and economy

Since 2000.11, Working as academic secretary, research fellow, deputy director, director of China Research Center for Technical Barriers to Trade (CCTBT), UIBE

2007~2010, participating the drafting of international standard on social responsibility ISO26000; 2009~2010, participated the ISO Social Responsibility Working Group as registered expert

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Publication of books (including participated)

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