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Li-li Wang, 2017, On China's Export Potential and the Determinants on the Belt-and-Road Countries

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2018-01-15


Trade facilitation and trade potential exploitation play a fundamental role in the Belt and Road strategy. This paper investigates the export potential and its determinants of the main Belt and Road countries. The empirical results suggest a significant existence of export inefficiency during China's export expansion,indicating the great potential of China's future exports. This conclusion holds especially for the Belt and Road countries. In terms of the determinants of China's export potential,the results suggest that infrastructure conditions,custom procedure,import tariff level,financial conditions and government efficiency are important in affecting China's export efficiency. Based on the conclusions,we argue that promoting trade liberalization and strengthening infrastructure conditions should be top priorities in future policy options.


Key words: the Belt and Road; trade efficiency; export potential 


Author of the Article

Li-li Wang, Institute of International Economy, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing 100029, China.


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