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"The trade war is over, what China has to gain and warning"

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2018-05-24

     Professor Li Jiguang's commentary on the China-US Trade War was published in the Beijing Daily on May 23. The following is a summary of the article:

     China and the United States have issued a joint statement in Washington on bilateral economic and trade talks: No trade war and no tariffs on each other. At this point, originated in the March this year, China-US trade friction, after the counter system, bid, consultation and provisional paragraph. In Professor Li's view, after this "baptism", China generally has the following four points: bottom line, time, success, alerts.

     In a word, there are some gains and warnings in this round of China-US trade frictions. But in contrast, we should maintain confidence, because the final smooth settlement of events, witnessed the strong government of our country's institutional advantages, the endogenous advantages of large markets. Continue to adhere to the independent development of the road, we will continue to expand the space for greater development.