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Vice President of IIE, professor Zhuang Rui Interviewed by 《Global Times》

作者:IIE  来源:  发布日期:2018-05-16

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He began his five-day visit to the US on May 15th, The Vice President of IIE, professor Zhuang Rui, received an interview byGlobal Times.

Professor Zhuang pointed in this interview that Liu's visit could help relieve the recent Sino-US trade tension. In addition, aside from benefiting businesses in both countries, the Chinese government's efforts to talk with the US will also help safeguard the entire global multilateral trading system. The stable economic growth of the two largest economies plays a vital role in promoting trade in the global market, and the world benefits from trade growth. Finally, Professor Zhuang believed that Properly addressing economic and trade issues between China and the US will also contribute to the stability and development of the economy in the Asia-Pacific region.

The full text is as follows:http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1102395.shtml