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CCTV-1:(Sang Baichuan)America's "trampling" rules of WTO means obstructing the development of economic globalization

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2018-04-11

  According to the trade frictions provoked by the United States, experts say China is not afraid of any intimidation and resolutely safeguards the multilateral trading system, and the trade protectionism of the US  will hurt itself.




  In April 9th, the dean of the IIE said in an interview with the CCTV news broadcast reporter that the United States implemented the 301 clause in accordance with the domestic trade law. It was an irrational trampling of the rules of the WTO. This set of multilateral rules system was established to meet the needs of economic globalization. To trample on this rule means to impede the development of economic globalization.


Original video link:http://tv.cctv.com/2018/04/09/VIDERFqULP5H6kR9zD4oBZCF180409.shtml