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CCTV-1:(Sang Baichuan)The U.S. is the largest country with a deficit in goods trade.

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2018-04-09


    Why should the United States unilaterally pick up trade frictions between China and the United States? The explanation of the Trump administration on this issue is to reduce the Sino US trade deficit and protect the intellectual property of the United States. Such a reason is so vulnerable that media have uncovered the lie.
    In April 7th, Sang Baichuan, dean of IEE pointed out that the US is the biggest country in the world's trade deficit in goods, which is actually the cost of the US dollar as the world currency and the hegemony.

Original video link:http://tv.cctv.com/2018/04/07/VIDEoxwt5cfsboRDHTlk8Nj6180407.shtml