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IIE jointly held and participated in 2017 China YanBian Development and Opening Forum

作者:IIE  来源:Chinese Website  发布日期:2017-09-02

In August 13, 2017, the China YanBian development and opening forum, in Fuyuan of Liaoning Province, was successfully jointly held by IIE, Chinese Academy of International Tradeand Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce, China Foreign Affairs University and Renmin University of China. Professor Baichuan Sang, the Dean of IIE, delivered a speech representing the UIBE.

Research Fellow Jiguang li and Associate Research Fellow Yumei li also participated in this forum. The topics involve industrial development, city development and the construction of opening platform of Yanbian. The experts and scholars discussed and communicated around tourism development, environmental protection and plans of urban development. The goal of this forum is promoting the ecomomic growth and level of development and opening, and making constributions to Yanbian.