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Prof. Ruozhi Hu was invited to attend the Seminar on "3.15 Influential Brands in Consumer Market in China" in 2017 and make a keynote speech as special guest

作者:IIE  来源:Chinese Website  发布日期:2017-04-11

Supported by the Organizing Committee of the China Consumer Economy Forum, the Consumer Economy Research Department of the Ministry of Commerce and the 2017 3.15 Influential Brands in Consumer Market in China" Seminar sponsored by Consumer Daily, with the theme of "building a well-known brand in the world, was held in Beijing on March 15, 2017. Leaders and scholars from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Consumers Association, China Consumer Economics Association, Consumer Daily Newspaper and other units attended the conference as well as business representatives from all fields in the country. The seminar focused on the theme of Focusing on Quality, Consuming and Casting Industry Excellence, and discussed under the market environment of "Internet plus" and similar products of the same type, how companies can grasp the opportunities, tap and cultivate corporate brand image, creative high-quality goods, obtain consumer trust and realize more market share. with practical actions to promote the industry, and even the entire consumer market upgrade and progress and other issues through pre-voting, on-site guest speeches, interactive discussions and excellent brand promotion.


Prof. Ruozhi Hu, a member of the Committee of Experts of China Consumer Association and deputy secretary-general of China Consumer Economics Association, took part in the conference as a special guest and gave a keynote speech entitled Development of Corporate Brands from Consumption Upgrade. She analyzed the dilemma faced by China's real economy and the continuous expansion and upgrade of consumption status in depth, and she explained several policies promulgated by the State Council and various ministries and commissions successively in the two sessions from 2016 to 2017 to upgrade the quality of consumer products and promote the industrial upgrading in the manufacturing and service industries. She gave a thought to the brand development of the enterprise based on the new features of current consumer upgrades, and also put forward corresponding upgrade suggestions. Her wonderful speech won the positive response from participating experts, scholars and business representatives. In the end Professor Ruochi Hu also served as honored guest to the award for the companies that won the 2017 China Consumer Market Influence Brand Award.