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IIE Delegation Participated ‘The Role of BRICS in the World’ and visited VUB

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2017-12-15

In September 8, 2017, Chinese Embassy in Belgium in Brussels Egmont Palace held a seminar entitled The Role of BRICS in the World. The participants were BRICS's senior representatives in Belgium. Because of high specifications and location, the conference is highly valued by the international community and the EU.




 IIE delegation was invited to attend the international seminar by VUB. The members were including Professor Rui Zhuang (vice dean of IIE), Ping Tai, Professor Xiaohong Hua, Associate Professor Huihui Deng, Associate Professor Lili Wang and Tongtong Dong.



The symposium was centered around the two core issues of the Role of the BRIC Countries in the World and the  BRIC Countries - EU Cooperation. Scholars of IEE had carried out heated discussions with the domestic and foreign officials and scholars on how to carry out a more practical and extensive cooperation topic in BRICs.


During the period, the delegation visited VUB and had a talk with Jacqueline Codd, director of the International Exchange Department of VUB and Ms. Xiaohong, the director of China Cooperation Department. The two sides discussed extensively communications between teachers and students, scientific research cooperation and other issues, and agreed on how to deepen cooperation in the future. Based on this visit, IEE will continue to deepen its exchanges and cooperation with VUB in various fields to make the internationalization level of IEE higher.