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IIE Developed 'the Second Classroom’ with JD Group

作者:IIE  来源:Chinese Webiste  发布日期:2018-01-11

In January, 4th, 2018, Professor Mei Hu and Li Li of IIE led postgraduates, class of 2017, to visit JD Group, which was also the learning in the second classroom. In the additional course, students could learn how Chinese international enterprise practice in the innovative and technical aspect closely.




Firstly, students visited the first floor exhibition hall of JD Group, followed by modern services such as JD enterprise purchase, intelligent logistics, smart home, self lifting cupboard, unmanned supermarket and so on. And Manager Wu of JD led the teachers and students to visit the current business of the JD, and introduce the future concept systematically.




After visiting the first floor hall, students came to the Asian conference room on the 20th floor of C block, and listened to the theme sharing made by staff from financial innovation department, finance department and logistics department.





After the theme sharing, the students put forward some questions in fiscal taxation, financial, logistics and other aspects, and also exchanged ideas with the JD staff.



Also, Professor Mei Hu and Li Li made a summary of this activity. They both mentioned the importance of innovation, no matter in one enterprise or the whole society.



Finally, Professor Hu on behalf of IIE gave JD Group books entitled  Chinese Foreign Investment Development Report in 2017 released by IIE as gifts. In contrast, JD Group gave IIE some monographs written by Lei Cai, vice CEO of JD Group.