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IIE Delegation Visited Japan Academically

作者:IIE  来源:Chinese Website  发布日期:2017-05-09

During 24th-28th, April, 2017, IIE delegation visited Japan academically. The members were including Baichuan Sang, the Dean of IIE, Professor Jianxun Chen, Professor Xumei Zhao, Professor Ruochi Hu, Associate Professor Mei Hu, Associate Professor Yusaku Nishimura. During the visit, academic exchanges activities were as followed.


Firstly, IIE delegation discussed with Japan's economic and industrial province to promote cooperation and exchanges between the two sides. Trade Policy Bureau representatives introduced the Bureau and related personnel to the delegation, and Professor Sang answered Trade Policy Bureau officials about Belt and Road Initiative, the Asian investment bank, the foreign economic development strategy and other hot questions.



Secondly, IIE delegation participated a seminar entitled The Sustainable Development of Economic Globalization and the Prospect of the Cooperation of Social Infrastructure.




Thirdly, IIE delegation investigated the Tokyo stock exchange and the construction of the land market to learn more about Japanese financial securities and the development of trade and commerce.


Finally, IIE delegation met with alumni in Japan to promote communication and friendship. The delegation introduced the recent development of UIBE to the alumni, as well as the policy of the school's strong support for the development of alumni. The alumni at the party briefly introduced the work and achievements made by the Alumni Association since its establishment, and their recent life and work abroad.