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Ruochi Hu

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2018-07-05

Ruochi Hu

Ruochi Hu, female, doctor of economics of Renmin University of China, postdoctoral fellow of Institute of Fiscal Science of the Ministry of Finance. She taught at Business Academy in Hunan Normal University and she is now a professor, researcher and tutor at the Institute of International Economics of the University of International Business and Economics. She is also Deputy Secretary General of China Consumer Economics Association. Her main research areas are the consumer economy, urban economy, socialist economic theory, macroeconomic policy.


Major papers published in 2009-2014

(1) Analysis on the Impetus of New-type Urbanization Driving Consumption Growth, Hunan Social Sciences, No.6, 2014

(2) Study on Strengthening Civic Consciousness Education in New Urbanization Process, Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), Issue 6, 2014

(3) Deduction of Consumption Economics: A Process Review, "Reform", Issue 10, 2014

(4) Analysis of the Marxist Theory of Promoting the Integration of Urban and Rural Areas with New Urbanization, Journal of Hebei University of Economics and Trade, No. 6, 2014

(5) From the tax system to the anti-subsidy dispute that China encountered, "International Trade", Issue 10, 2014

(6) Grasp the expansion and scientific nature of labor theory of value from Marx's analytical method - Also on the analysis of some related controversial issues, "Academic Monthly"

2014 the tenth period This article was "NPC copy newspaper information - Theoretical Economics" 2015 the first full text is reproduced

(7) A Comparison of Influencing Factors of Cross-border M & A Performance of Chinese and Foreign Equipment Manufacturers - Empirical Analysis Based on DEA Method, Financial Research, No.10, 2014

(8) Analysis of the Development of Higher Education in the Process of New Urbanization in China, Journal of National Institute of Education, No.10, 2014

(9) Analysis of Investment Demand Effect of Asset Price Fluctuation in China - Based on Economic Development Mode, Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), Issue 5, 2014

(10) Entrepreneurship Measures for Undergraduates in Developed Countries and Reference to China, "Higher Education Research in China", No. 8, 2014

(11) Marxist analysis of the relationship between new urbanization and industrialization, informationization and agricultural modernization, "Scientific Socialism", No.4, 2014

(12) Does criticism of neoliberalism denounce and oppose reform? --Please Supreme President to draw a clear line with neo-liberalism, "Marxism Research", No. 8, 2014

(13) Analysis on the Development and Influencing Factors of Sino-Thai Economic and Trade Cooperation in the New Situation, "China-ASEAN: Regional Cooperation in a Changing World," and Foreign Economy

Trade University Press, July 2014

(14) Departmental Overall Expenditure Performance Targets Compilation of Principles for Optimization, Journal of Financial Research, No. 6, 2014

(15) Study on the Consumption of Urban Floating Population from the Perspective of People's Livelihood, China's Economic Transition and Opening to the Outside World, University of International Business and Economics Press, July 2014

(16) Proposals to improve the fiscal policy supporting the development of cultural and creative industries, Economic Research Reference, No. 4, 2014

(17) Analysis of New Urbanization Based on Transformation of Economic Development Mode and Coordinated Development of Expanding Domestic Demand, China Financial Information Paper, No.1, 2014

(18) Research on Fiscal Policy Supporting the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries, Economic Perspectives, No. 1, 2014

(19) Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Impact of International Industrial Transfer on the Development of Processing Trade in China, China Financial Information Paper, 2014 (34)

(20) From Disintegration to Integration: A Study on the Trend of Social Security Reform in China, Finance Research, No.11, 2013

(21) Study on Consumption of Urban Floating Population from the Perspective of People's Livelihood, Consumption Economy, No.5/2013

(22) Different interpretations and perspectives on the relationship between efficiency and fairness in recent years, Teaching and Research, No.7, 2013

(23) Release the Potential of Urbanization to Expand Consumption, People's Daily, Theoretical Edition, 2013-2-02-26

(24) Analysis on the Change of Price Indices of CPI and Its Related Agricultural Products in China, Journal of Beijing City University No. 1, 2013

(25) Analysis of Consumption of Floating Population in the Process of Urbanization, Journal of Management, No.6, 2012

(26) Study on the "Stratum" Consumption in China's Urbanization Process, Journal of Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management, No. 1, 2012

(27) Consuming residents according to actual consumption stratification, People's Daily, Theoretical Version, 2012-03-16

(28) Diversified Development of China's Banking System under the Financial Opening, "International Economic Situation and China's Opening to the Outside World", Foreign Economy

Trade University Press, November 2012

(29) Based on the perspective of China's industrial safety of foreign capital inflow evaluation, "economic development risks and safeguarding industrial safety", the Central Bureau of translation

Press, April 2012

(30) Consumption Guidance of Urban and Rural Residents in China from the Perspective of Stratification, Consumption Economy, No. 1, 2012

(31) Rethinking on Marx's Free Time Category, Teaching and Research, No.6, 2011

(32) On the development of ecological consumption power and the path to achieve, "Consumer Economy" 2011 the first period

(33) Perplexity and Train of Thought in the Post-crisis Era of China's Sustained Economic Growth, Economic Outlook No.11, 2010

(34) How to understand the main spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, "China Education News. Theory Edition" January 18, 2011

(35) Perplexity and Train of Thought in the Post-crisis Era of China's Economic Growth, "The People's Congress Copies Newspapers and Periodicals-Socialist Economy

Theory and Practice "2011 the fourth period

(36) Consumption: The Lasting Power of China's Economic Growth, "China Reform News, Theory Edition" September 6, 2010

(37) Correctly Understand and Treat Capitalism - "Lenin's Collected Papers on Capitalism" Study Notes, "Theoretical Field of Colleges and Universities"

2010 the sixth period

(38) Reflections on the Gains and Losses of China's Economic and Social Construction Since the Reform and Opening up, Journal of Beijing Urban University, No. 6, 2010

(39) China's Rural Consumption in Dual Economic Structure, Constraints and Countermeasures, "Consumption Economy", No. 1, 2010

(40) Consumption: The Lasting Power of China's Economic Growth, "2010, No. 10 of the Party and Government Cadres' Reference

(41) Some Understandings on Compiling Western Economics Textbooks in China, "China Vocational and Technical Education" 2009Year No.35

(42) Analysis of China's elderly housing consumption, "consumer economy" 2009 the fourth period

(43) <What changed China> Interpretation of China's economy 60 years, "Guangming Daily. Economic Theory Edition" September 1, 2009

(44) Analysis of the Causes and Implications of the Current Financial Crisis - A Kind of Marxist Perspective, Journal of Contemporary Finance 2009 No.4

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(46) The Major Achievements and Experiences of New China in 60 Years of Economic and Social Development, China Reform Newspaper, Theory Edition Sep 20, 2009

(47) Theoretical Thinking on Insisting on and Improving China's Basic Economic System, Frontline 2009, No.4

(48) Development and Reform of Western Economics Curriculum Education in Higher Vocational Education in China, Journal of Beijing Urban University 2009 No.5


Alone, edited or participated in the bibliography in 2009-2014

(1) "Research on Consumption Growth Dynamics in the Process of China's New Urbanization", Economic Science Press, September 2014

(2) "General Theory of Modern Consumer Economics", Renmin University Press, January 2014 ("Twelfth Five-year" national planning textbook)

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Topics to be chaired or participated in 2009-2014

(1) 2014 National Social Science Fund General Project 14BJL070: Study on the Coupling of Urbanization Quality Improvement and Consumption Structure Optimization under the Mode of Changing Economy Development

(2) Youth Project of Humanities and Social Science Fund of Ministry of Education in 2013 13YJC790049: Study on the Impetus of Consumption Growth in the Process of Urbanization in China

(3) 2013 Foshan City Commissioned Fund Project: Study on Constructing Suitable Consumer City in Foshan

(4) Innovation Team Project of University of International Business and Economics in 2012 CXTD2-05: Open Macroeconomic Analysis and China Case Study

(5) Ministry of Commerce Item 12HX043: Research on the Changes of China's Processing Trade under the Background of Industrial Transfer

(6) Ministry of Agriculture Project 12HX060: Impact of CPI Changes on China's Agricultural Trade

(7) Ministry of Agriculture Project 11HX058: Quantitative Assessment of Agricultural Industrial Damage Risks

(8) Commissioned by the Propaganda Department and Cultural Affairs Department of Shaanxi Province in 2011: Research on the Development of Chinese Culture and Creative Industries

(9) General Program of National Social Science Fund 09BJL016: Theory and Countermeasures of Enlarging China's Consumption Demand in Dual Economy

(10) Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Science Fund General Project 09JA790088: Transforming the mode of economic development and the development of China's heavy chemical industry

(11) Beijing Municipal Social Science Theory Publications Fund funded projects: "China's economic hot front"

(12) Renmin University of China in 2009, the school-level project: "The management of listed companies pay contract to consider changes in floating surpluses it?

Based on the fair value of floating surplus and executive compensation of the interrelationship between substantive research "


The main award-winning situation

Hunan Province selection and training of cross-century outstanding talents thesis prize two.

Outstanding teacher of the year.

The first prize of school youth teachers teaching basic skills contest.

The first prize of the university excellent education scientific research thesis.