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Xiaojing Zhang

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2018-03-17


Xiaojing Zhang


Ph. D. in Economics, Associate Professor, Director of the Research Department of World Economy, Director of China and ASEAN Economy Research Center,

 Institute of International Economy, UIBE

Research Interests

World Economy, International Economic Integration, China-ASEAN Economy, China-EU Economy


Email: zxj2003a@126.com


Lecturing Course

"the Frontier of International Trade", "the study of World economy", "International Regional Economic Cooperation"



1.The analysis of the potential for economic and trade cooperation between Hongkong and ASEAN under the framework of" The Belt and Road ", Journal of Guangxi University(Philosophy and Social Science), in September 2017
“the Belt and Road" and China's Export Trade In Perspective of Trade Facilitation , Asia-pacific Economic Review,2015.03:21-27;

3.Deep Integration in East Asia and Its Implications for China, International Business, 2015 ,3:76-85;

4.The Study on the Relationship between Production Networks and Deep Integration in the Asia-Pacific Region, 2015,1:1-8;


5. The transformation and deepening of China's foreign trade strategy in the new period,Journal of Chinese Academy of Governance,in April 2009
6. The Evolvement and Convergence Effect of the Cohesion Policy in EU,International Economics and Trade Research,in October 2009
An Analysis of Russian Heterogeneity in the Group of Eight,Northeast Asia Forum,in September 2009
8. The development of international bulk equipment leasing business, the conversion and use of national foreign exchange assets, international trade, in December 2008;

9. Identification, addition and decomposition of poverty, Shanghai economic research, in Octobor 2008;

10. Microcosmic factor analysis of income inequality of urban residents -- from the experience data of urban residents in Beijing, Economic theory and economic management, in May 2008.

11. The transformation of China's foreign trade development model and its policy orientation, Macroeconomic research, in August 2007;

12. Analysis of the current situation and prospects of agricultural products trade between China and Eastern European countries, Agricultural economic problems, in November 2007;

13. Research on the effect of regional policy in EU economic integration, international trade, in July 2007;

14. The network construction of FTA around China and its enlightenment, the Asia Pacific economy, in July 2008;

15. The development trend of international service outsourcing and the competitiveness of China's outsourcing industry, International trade, in August 2007;

16. To promote balance of payments: international experience and our country's countermeasures, China finance, in October 2007;

17.Study on the effect of regional economic integration in EU policy, World economy, in September 2007;

18.Trade situation and Prospect Analysis of China and Eastern European countries of agricultural products, Agricultural economy, in March 2008;

19. Indicators of poverty measurement and their evaluation, statistics and actuarial, in October 2006;


1. EU East Expansion: regional gap and economic cohesion, Economic Science Press, August 2008;

2. China's production service industry development report 2007 (participation), economic management press, January 2008;

3. International Regional Economic Cooperation - theory and Practice (participation), University of International Business and Economics press, December 2007;

4. Study on China and the central and Eastern European countries' agricultural cooperation strategy (participation), China Agricultural Science and Technology Press, November 2008;

5. China Economic and Trade Review (participation), University Press of foreign trade and economic and trade, March 2009;

6. China’s Foreign Direct Investment Report 2015, UIBE Press, Nov. 2015.

Selected Projects

1. The changes in the Asia Pacific production network and the optimization of the strategic path of China's free trade area (presiding), the youth project of the National Social Science Fund, in August 2013

2. The research on the status and social assistance of low-income groups in Beijing (presiding), the Beijing philosophy and social science planning project, and the Beijing Social Science Youth Social Science Talent Support Project in 2011, in September 2012

3. Regional disparity and economic cohesion -- A Study on the policy effect of promoting the coordinated development of the region by the European Union (presiding), the youth social science and social science program of the Ministry of Education (07JCGJW002), in November 2007.

4. The study of EU heterogeneity economic integration on China's participation in regional economic integration (presiding), University of International Business and Economics (06QD15), in October 2007

5. The European Union realized the policy performance evaluation of regional coordinated development, the three phase (73300039) of the "211 Project" of the University of foreign trade and economic cooperation, in January 2009.

6. The new alliance and the European Union economic integration research (participation), the Ministry of education, the key research base of the humanities and Social Sciences, in September 2005;

7. The development and deepening of China's emerging market strategy (participation), the key subject of the Ministry of Commerce, in August 2009;

8. China participates in the research on the economic cooperation of the surrounding regions (participation), the general project of the humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education (05JA790013), in 2008;

9. on the basis of international trade technology spillover, China's bilateral FTA dynamic optimization study (participation), National Natural Science Foundation (70703004), in September 2007;

10. cooperation between the mainland and Hongkong to carry on the research on service outsourcing (participation), the Ministry of Commerce, in May 2008;

11. research on the development of the productive service industry in Beijing (participation), the co construction project of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, in May 2008;

12. China - A Study on the agricultural cooperation strategy in Eastern Europe (participation), the Ministry of agriculture (413335),in March 2007;

13. World Economic Research (participation), the construction of postgraduate teaching materials at the University of foreign trade and economic cooperation, in April 2008;

14. Research on the development strategy and policy of the leasing industry in the new situation (participation), the Ministry of Commerce, in July 2008.