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Ping Tai

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2018-03-03


Ph. D. of Economics, Associate Researcher 

Institute of International Economics, UIBE


2006.09-2010.07, maioring in World Economics, Ph.D. of University of International Business and Economics.

2003.09-2006.07, maioring in International Trade , Master of University of International Business and Economics.

1999.09-2003.07, maioring in Business Administration, Bachelor of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.


Foreign Direct Investment, China’s opening-door policy

Emeil  taiping207@126.com


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Research Projects

1. Group member of 2011 National Social Science Foundation Youth Project "New Social Responsibility International Standard of the research on the Impact and Countermeasures of Chinese Enterprises "Going Out"." (11CJY077) ,.

2. Group member of project 211” the 2011 China foreign investment development report “.

3. Group member of 211 featured project “ the Research Report on International Competitiveness of China's Export Industry 2011.

4. Group member of the major research project of Philosophy and Social Science of the ministry of Education, named “the WTO's key members of the WTO (03JZD0020)”, and independently undertaking the eleventh subtopic.

5. Group member of the project named “Trend assessment of China's central and western regions and neighboring countries.” From the Ministry of Commerce . and responsible for the study of the second part of the report.

6. Group member of the emergency project from Ministry of Commerce in 2008 named “since the reform and opening up the process of China's opening to the outside, the achievements and basic experience research” (2008 jyjw050) , responsible for the research of the authors of the report is the third part and the fifth part.

7. Group member of project from Ministry of Commerce named “the quantitative analysis of the internal and external effects of China's trade surplus”, responsible for the draft of the project design and research report.

8. Group member of projects "the use of foreign capital and promote independent innovation: incentive and guarantee system" (NCET - 07-0190) in 2007 years, mainly responsible for the research of the authors of the report in the second part.

9. Group members of project from the ministry of commerce in 2007named” ‘further advanced’ the new measures for the promotion of the central rise of the central committee of "the new measures for the promotion of the Middle East", the main research group members, independently undertaking the second, third and fourth parts of the research report and the final draft.

10.2005 years Beijing center for economic research topic in Taiwan "Taiwan's economy, development trend and the current situation and problems of cross-strait economic and trade relations, the influence of the main members of the team, is mainly responsible for the second and third part of the author

11. Group member of the project from National Social Science Fund Project named "overall domestic development and opening to the outside world: conditions, contents and paths" (04BJL005) responsible for the study of the second, sixth and eighth chapters of the report