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Guixia Guo

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2017-12-26



Guixia Guo

Ph. D. of Economics, Associate Researcher and doctoral supervisor,

Institute of International Economy, University of International Business and Economics



Educational and Working Experience

2003.9-2006.7, majoring in International Trade, master of economics at SITE of UIBE

2006.9-2011.7, majoring in Finance, Ph. D. of economics at CCER of Peking University

2008.9-2009.8, visiting scholar at Department of Economics of New York University

2011.8-2013.12, working as Assistant Professor at UIBE

2014.1 till now, working as Associate Professor at UIBE



Financial Theory, FDI, Industrial Organization, Game Theory



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Selected Projects

1. “A Study on Micro-incentives of Banks, Endogenous Counterparty Risk, and Central Clearing Mechanism of Over-the-Counter Credit Derivatives in China”, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2016, in progress.

2. “The Interactions of Risk Retention Regulation and Contingent Capital Regulation in the Post Financial Crisis Era: from the Perspective of Asymmetric Information”, National Natural Science Funds of China for Young Scholars, 2012, accomplished.

3. “The Framework of Risk Retention Regulation of Bank Asset Securitization with Asymmetric Information: Mechanism, Effects and Re-Design”, Humanities and Social Science Research Projects of the MOE in China, 2012, accomplished.

4. “The Microeconomic Mechanism of the Macro prudential Financial Regulations: Taken Contingent Capital Regulation as An Example”, Program for Young Excellent Talents of UIBE, 2013, accomplished.

5. “Risk Retention Regulation of Bank Asset Securitization: Mechanism and Welfare Effects”, Program for Young New Teachers of UIBE, 2011, accomplished.


Other Academic Activities

Referee of Journal of Banking and Finance, International Review of Economics and Finance, Canadian Journal of Economics, European Journal of Operational Research, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, as well as top Chinese journals such as The Journal of World Economy, China Economic Quarterly, Journal of Financial Research and several others.