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Xiaohong Hua

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2017-12-26

Xiaohong Hua



Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Ex-Director, Institute of International Economy (IIE), University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

Director, Research Center of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao’s Economy, IIE, UIBE

Member of the Review Group of the Ministry of Commerce, the China Society of World Economics Committee, the China Association of International Trade Committee, the Cross-Straits Research Center, the Taiwan Research Council, the Hong Kong and Macao Research Council


Research Interests

International Trade, Regional Integration, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao’s Economy


Recent Publications

“Global Value Chain and East-Asia Production Network”, “Economic Activities between Taiwan and other Asian-Pacific Economies and the Benefit of Economic Integration”, “The Position of Chinese Manufacturing Industry in East-Asia Production Network:Based on the Value-Added Data”, “Taiwan’s Regional Economic Foundation and Feasible Approaches of Participation in ‘One Belt One Road Initiative’”, “China's Countermeasures on Trade Disputes -- Learning from Typical Cases”, “China's Countermeasures on Trade Disputes -- Learning from Typical Cases”, etc


Academic Books

“The Fifty Years of China's Foreign Economic Relations and Trade”, “International Regional Economic Integration: Theory and Practice”, “China’s FTA Strategy”, “Cross-Straits Industrial Cooperation and Global Value Chains”, etc