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Xumei Zhao

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2017-12-26


Xumei Zhao

Professor in Economics, Institute of International Economics, UIBE



      2004 Ph.D., University of Fudan, Economics/Finance


       Areas of Interests

Teaching: Financing, Macro Economics, International Economics Theory and Policy

Research: Intellectual property and Innovation, Japanese Finance, Asian Economics,


      Academic Experience

2004 -           Professor, Institute of International Economics, UIBE

2008-2009    Visiting Professor, Fukuyama University, Japan

Fall 2005      Visiting Professor, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

2005-2006    Visiting Professor, Fukuyama University, Japan

Spring 2017   Symposium participants, Chuo University, Japan


      Teaching Experience

Master Courses: Advanced Macro Economics, International Economics Theory and Policy



The Financing Mechanism of Japanese Enterprises Group, 2006, University of International Business and Economics Press.

Study on Construction of Intellectual Property System and Independent Innovation Effect, 2013, University of International Business and Economics Press.



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