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Rui Zhuang

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University of International Business and Economics






Zhuang Rui  Professor, Deputy Dean, Dr. of Economics

E-mail: zrbj11@163.com


Brief Introduction

Professor Zhuang Rui is a full-time member of the academic staff at UIBE (University of International Business and Economics). She graduated from RenMin University of China and got the Doctoral Degree of Economics in 2004.  Professor Zhuang was appointed as deputy dean of IIE (Institute of International Economy of UIBE) commencing 2009. She published more than 50 papers in renowned academic journals and more than 10 books. Meanwhile, she got more than 20 awardsone of which was “the 9th Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Excellence Award”.


Research fields

  • International Economic Co-operation

  • Economy of Asia-Pacific Region

  • Chinese Foreign Trade and Opening-up Policy


    Current Teaching

  • Introduction of Chinese Economy and Society (For Foreigner, In English)

  • International Economic Cooperation (For Foreigner, In English)

  • World Economy (For Postgraduates, Both in English and Chinese)

  • International Economic Integration ( For Postgraduates, In Chinese)