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Baichuan Sang

作者:  来源:  发布日期:2017-12-26


Baichuan Sang



Baichuan Sang, who was born in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia in 1966, has a Ph.D. in Economics. He is currently positioned as the Dean of Institute of International Economics, UIBE; Professor in Economics; Doctoral Supervisor; Council member of China Association of International Trade; Chief Expert of the policy-making consultation office of the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science; Chief Expert of the National Social Science Fund of China; appraisal expert in government procurement for central government departments; distinguished expert commentator on commercial affairs for China’s Ministry of Commerce; specially invited member for China International Investment Expert Committee; specially invited expert for China Council for International Investment Promotion; special commentator for China National Radio.


Areas of Interests

China’s opening-door policy, foreign direct investment, China’s economic system reform, etc. He is a renowned scholar in international economics and trade discipline, and with outstanding academic achievements.


Academic Monographs

1.“Reginal Opening Strategy – Preferential Policy and All-directional Openness”;

2.“Economic Institutional Changes under Foreign Direct Investment”;

3.“Coordination of Domestic Development with Opening-up: Evidence, Content, and Channel”;

4.“China’s Economy with the Perspective of Openness”;

5.“International Flow of Capital: New Trends and Countermeasures”;

6.“Research on the Acquisition between Foreign-owned entity and State-owned enterprise ”;

 7.“The Development Strategy of Chinese Enterprises after China’s entry into WTO”;

8.“Foreign Direct Investment: China’s Practice and Debate”;

9.“The Theoretical Research on Chinese Market Economy”;

10.“Corporate Innovation and Development”, “The Joint Stock Cooperative System”, and etc.



1.China’s Economy towards Openness;

2. Overcome Poverty: China’s Economy after 20 Years of Reform and Opening;

3.Research Report on Foreign Direct Investment in China;

4.Research on the Utilization of Foreign Direct Investment in China;

5.The Discussion on Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in China;

6.The Research on Chinese Enterprise Group”, “China Model”, and etc.


Academic Papers

Published more than 300 academic papers on “Xinhua Digest”, “People’s Daily”, “People’s Daily Internal Reference”, “The Collection of Important Reports”, “Reform Internal Reference”, “Journal of Renmin University of China”, “Finance & Trade Economics”, “Economist”, “The China Review”, “Chinese Business Review”, “Academic Monthly”, “Economics Information”, “Reform”, “Journal of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies”, “Economic Herald”, “Intertrade”, Journal of International Trade”, “China Opening Journal”, and etc.


Research Projects

Major projects of National Social Science Fund, projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, major and key projects for China’s Ministry of Commerce, projects for the key research institute of humanities and social science of Ministry of Education, UNDP projects, etc. Professor Sang has been awarded with more than 10 ministerial or provincial awards, including 2 research achievement awards on Chinese business development, 2 An Zijie international trade research awards, 2 Beijing philosophy and social sciences outstanding achievement awards, science and technology progress award by State Development Planning Commission, national research achievement award on international business. Many results had been adopted by China’s Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Development and Reform Commission and Beijing Municipal Government. In 2003, he has been awarded with the Capital May-first Labor Medal. Also, he has been receiving special government allowance from the State Council since 2004 and has been a selected member of the New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education since 2007.