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About Institute of International Economy

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Institute of International Economy (IIE), founded in 1982 based on the International Trade Research Institute, is a comprehensive research and teaching affiliate of University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). Currently it has a staff of over 40 researchers and administrative personnel, three fourths of whom are senior researchers and professors, and 60% of whom have attained the doctorate degree. Over the years, IIE has developed a professional research team consisting of a reasonable proportion of scholars with senior, intermediary and junior academic titles, and also an appropriate distribution of old, middle-aged and young researchers. They are profound in knowledge, proficient in foreign languages, and competent in academic research, and a considerable proportion of them have once been abroad as staff members in the overseas embassies or consulates of China, or as visiting scholars in universities around the world.


Over the thirty years, adhering to the spirit of “dedicated to working and innovative in thinking; aiding the state and serving the society”, and under the guidance of “the three-layered serving principle”, i.e. serving the development of the research and teaching of economics, serving the policy-making of governments, and serving the demand of the society, researchers of IIE have been conducting intensive research on foreign trade, world economy and the opening up issues, and have made impressive achievements in economic research and graduates training, which significantly contributes to the development of foreign trade affairs of China. With the rising of its good reputation in China and around the world, IIE has ranked one of the most important think tanks in the field of foreign trade and world economy.